Male Prenatal Active Vitamin Review

Having a baby is a big deal. There is so much planning involved for both mom and dad. Most women begin taking Prenatal Vitamins months before trying to conceive their child. We always forget, it’s not just the Mommy who can take care of them selves before trying for a child. The Daddy can use some help too.

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Why Male Prenatal™?

Whether you’re planning your first baby or your next, this unique multi-vitamin proactively targets robust sperm cell morphology, density and motility. Our supplements are formulated to accommodate reproductive male health at a variety of life stages. At least 6 months prior to conception, choose the one that best accommodates your lifestyle. It’s never too early to benefit your future family, all while enjoying the results of a personal health plan uniquely tailored to you.

Male Prenatal Active is designed for men 20 – 40 years with a vigorously active lifestyle.

Health Benefits

  • Helps support sperm cell health
  • Factor in the maintenance of good health
  • Helps maintain proper muscle function

How Male Prenatal Active Works

The unique, male-oriented multi-vitamins improve the density, motility and morphology of sperm cells.

The key active ingredient, COQ10, helps manage energy metabolism; provides antioxidant properties that protect the integrity of cellular membranes; and breaks down the free-radicals responsible for oxidative stress in human cells.

A clinical trial in which patients received 300mg of COQ10 per day demonstrated significant improvement in all sperm cell parameters.

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While the vitamins are on the larger side, the veggie caps are coated and easy to swallow. My husband is not a fan of pills, and often gags while taking vitamins. These ones were easier for him to take than most. While he won’t admit it, I saw increased he had energy from taking these.

Whether you are planning a family now, or thinking maybe in the future, it is a good thing to be prepared. Check out to find a location locally or to buy yours online.

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