Montessori ABC for Kids Review

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In a world of tablets and smartphones, it’s no surprise that more and more apps are coming out for children. Most mothers have to admit that handing your child your phone is a great way to keep a car ride quiet, or keep your child busy while at an appointment. There are so many times that we hand our children a something to play on. Our phones and tablets can be much more than just a distraction for our children. They can be a teaching tool. A valuable tool. That’s why I love all the educational apps that are coming out these days. We can teach our children the alphabet, printing, counting and so much more.


Kids Academy has released many great educational apps for both iTunes and the Android markets. Montessori ABC for Kids is one of those apps. It offers:

* Left hand and right hand modes of letter formation

* Animations to help your children learn letters and words in a fun and engaging way

* 26 animated flashcards to teach your kids letters and words

* 52 flashcard worksheets to teach your children to trace letters

* Funny, bright, and creative artwork

* Uppercase and lowercase letters, sounds and phonics

* Specially designed Parents Area to track your children’s progress

* Create and edit multiple user profiles

* Aligned to Kindergarten Reading Foundation skills of Common Core Standard

My Little C loves this app, and I love knowing that she is learning while she is on it. My only complaint is that the free version is limited. That being said, it is only $9.99 for an all access pass that gives you all the great educational features. That is over 200 interactive worksheets.

Check out Kids Academy to download for your favourite device!



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