New Wall Art From Lovable Labels

Wall Art From Lovable Labels

A great trend in decorating a room is wall art. It is a cost effective way to add personality to any room with little effort. It also is easy to change, making it perfect for children’s rooms, and for anyone who rents or moves often.

Lovable Labels has come out with new wall art, and we were given the chance to review some. We selected the “A Princess Lives Here” design which is very fitting for Little C.

You can see how easy the installation is below.


As always, Lovable Labels delivers on quality. The wall art is easy to apply and cute and vibrant. The new Wall Art is a great way to add a personal touch to your child’s room. The wall art can be applied on any painted wall and won’t damage the paint. ┬áThis makes it perfect for anyone renting.

The A Princess Lives Here has 31 pieces to the set. Little C loves the castle!


Wall Art is available for $29.95 in 4 designs.

  • A Princess Lives Here
  • Be Owlsome
  • Under Construction
  • Fly Away

Visit Lovable Labels to get some for your little one.

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