Schedule Your Child’s Screen Time With OurPact

I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact. All opinions are my own.

Ourpact_SideText-02Have you ever stopped to think how much time your family is “Plugged in” on their tablets and smart phones? It does not take long for time to add up.  I know that I am guilty of loosing track of time when my kids are playing on the iPad. It happens to the best of us.

Then there is catching my kids playing when they are supposed to be working on something. Always so fun. In a digital world, we are letting our children have freedom with their devices that they might not be mature enough to handle.

OurPact is a free downloadable  application that is designed to make it easy for parents to look out for their families online usage. OurPact parental control lets you block or grant access to multiple devices in seconds right from your phone.

I love the abilities to build in schedules. It can be so tempting to pop on social media, or play a quick game of angry birds during homework or reading time, right? Admit it, how many times have you popped on Facebook instead of doing something. I am so guilty of this. If we as adults are tempted, how do we expect our children to be different? Well now we can be sure that during those times our kids devices are blocked so they can focus on the task at hand.


Building schedules is so easy. Wether you are helping homework time be about homework time, or preventing unsupervised internet browsing, OurPact can let you block and grant access in seconds. Each child can have their own profile, so you can set up the schedule that each child needs. It is not all or nothing.



parental-control-blockOurPact is by far the best parental control app I have tried. It is so easy to use, and it is helping teach my children that screen time is a privilege, not a right. 

Get OurPact and see what it can do for your family! For a free app to do this much, it is a winner in my book!



  1. Robin Rue ( says:

    I love this. My kids get specified time each day and we set a timer to make sure they stick to it!

  2. Our Pact is a great idea. I don’t mind the kids using their devices, but I don’t want them on them all day.
    Stacie recently posted..FreshTech™: SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger + Air FreshenerMy Profile

  3. This would be wonderful for us. It really is hard to get kids away from all the screens! This seems very helpful.

  4. This is probably the best way to keep kids untracked even if you get distracted. I know my kid I’ll probably watch is more than he should this would help a lot.
    Jeanette recently posted..Southwest Chicken & Sweet Potato SkilletMy Profile

  5. I love this! I need to get this app. I’m pretty good about watching my kids time on devices, but this would really help!
    lisa recently posted..10 Reasons Why I Want My Next Car To Be A Subaru LegacyMy Profile

  6. This is a great way to teach kids about time management. I would love to download this app.

  7. I need these for my kids. I gotta admit, I’ve been letting electronics “babysit” my kids so I could get some work done.
    Life as a Convert recently posted..Finding Faith in LabelsMy Profile

  8. I think having parental controls over your child’s cellphone is not depriving them. It is teaching them discipline. Kids are easily distracted and we must teach them to focus on the task at hand. Thanks for the review. I will be recommending this app to my sister. Her son is the king of procrastination. LOL.
    Annemarie LeBlanc recently posted..Keep the Romance Alive During Your Couples VacationMy Profile

  9. This is so important nowadays. Having this app would make managing the kids’ time so much easier.
    Liz Mays recently posted..Afraid of the FAFSA? Tips to Help Prepare For ItMy Profile

  10. This is such a great tool to limit kid’s screen time! I may need to get this for myself, HA!
    ricci recently posted..Matilda in MemphisMy Profile

  11. I need to get this app. My kids would always watch in my device. Thanks for sharing

  12. My kids only uses their devises on the weekends. I confiscate them on school days. I’ll check this app.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted..Kalahari Resort: Sandusky Ohio Part 2My Profile

  13. I have never heard of OurPact until now. I like the idea of limiting the kids’ screen time. I will download this app.
    OurFamilyWorld recently posted..7 Delightful Valentine’s Day Books for KidsMy Profile

  14. I certainly will check that app. My son loves playing with his iPad or my iPhone and sometimes we lost track of how long he’s been playing. We need this!
    Lynndee recently posted..The Old Asheville Railroad Roundhouse Won’t be ‘Round Much LongerMy Profile

  15. Kids spend way to much time in front of a screen these days. This is a great idea. I will have to share this with my friends with little ones.

  16. I am guilty of turning off the wifi and telling them that the internet only works at certain times. I like this idea so much better. :)
    becka recently posted..Cupcake Toppers And Holders Tutorial with Templates Using PhotoshopMy Profile

  17. Oh, no way. That is such a cool idea. That way you have more control over the time spent and such.
    Sicorra recently posted..3 DIY Kitchen Organization Projects that Will Keep You SaneMy Profile

  18. Love the schedule feature. That would be so handy for our kids.
    Ashley Whipple recently posted..Love Bugs Valentine’s Day Kids CraftMy Profile

  19. What a really great idea! I have to admit, I sometimes lost track with how long my boys are plugged in especially when I get busy with other things. I will be checking it out right now!
    Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey recently posted..Meijer Deal: All/Snuggle Deals {2 day sale} #StockupMy Profile

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this app. I was just thinking today about finding something like this. Thank you.

  21. Ryan Escat says:

    Thank you for sharing. I totally need this app my kids will always watch on my device.

  22. This is a perfect option for parents! I absolutely love the limitations you can put into place. I am going to check into this one!

  23. My son has been wanting a phone for awhile, but I was nervous to let him have one. This app makes me feel a little better about it.
    Jacqui Odell recently posted..Brownie Chocolate Chip Bars Filled with Strawberry M&MsMy Profile

  24. I agree that it is very important to have a control on how much time our kids are spending time in playing games & it is good that we have Apps like OurPact to block the activity in few seconds. I am going to try it out right away.

  25. CourtneyLynne says:

    Oooooo this is something my disgusted needs! She can get pretty obsessed with her iPad at times!

  26. What a great way to stay on top of your child’s screen time. I know my kid tries to sneak in a few extra hours.
    Ashleigh recently posted..Top 10 Valentine Classroom Cards For KidsMy Profile

  27. I had no idea this service existed! I know that when the time comes we will use this for our son.

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