About Me

The short story, I am a stay at home, home schooling,born again mommy to 4 boys, and 1 disabled girl. I have been married to the love of my life for 11 years.

The long version:
I grew up in a poor, single mother home with my 2 brothers. I was on my way to becoming another statistic, a product of my environment, but then something amazing changed my life.
When I was 19, I became a Christian, and my life changed. I became a born again believer, and began my new life.

In 2002, I married my dream man, after only a few months of dating. He was and still is everything I ever wanted, and I am still head over heals in love!

In 2003, we were blessed with our first child, Little P. 3 months later, I was pregnant again. Exactly 365 days after the birth of our first son, we welcomed another, Little E. 
We were blessed with 2 more boys, Little S in 2007, and Little A in 2008.

People would ask me if we wanted to try again for a girl. We were praying to see if we were complete with our family, and then God blessed us again with my Princess, Little C. 
When Little C was 6 months, I knew something was wrong with Little C, and when she was 15 months we received confirmation that she is disabled. 

I love my literal handful, and can't imagine life with out them. Each has their own quirks, and struggles, and I decided to begin blogging to share what I have learned, and am still learning.

 There are many blogs out there, but I try to be different. I want a place where I can share what I have learned, my struggles, successes, and try to help others. Whether it is product reviews, rants, giveaways, or deals, I put my heart in my posts, and hope you will join me and my handful.


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