Pin To Win Mother’s Day Giveaway

Moms. We all have one, and lots of us are one. Mom's work so hard, we deserve a day off! Well, we want to give someone $100 Amazon Gift Card to celebrate!Mother's DayMother's Day is just around the corner. Let's celebrate mom! We've got a great Pinterest contest full of not only great Mother's Day … [Read more...]

Let’s Revolt!

I am about to start a new journey, one that has my in knots! After 5 children, a thyroid condition, and a history of inactivity, I am planning to change my life. I want to loose the weight that has kept me down for so long.I know that weight loss is not easy, and I know it takes work. If there was … [Read more...]

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

I am not a crafty person, I admit it. But with 5 children, I need to make more of an effort to start crafts. They love it, it's great for their fine motor skills, and I boosts their self confidence.I know that Mom's are supposed to get Mother's day off, but let's face it. If you have small children, … [Read more...]

Thrifty Thursdays: Make your own Cloth Baby Wipes

I posted this on a different blog, and thought this fits right in with my Thrift Thursdays!Not only are cloth wipes handy if you cloth diaper, but even if you disposable diaper. Commercial wipes leave your babies skin wet because of the alcohol. This can lead to yeast infections, and irate the skin. … [Read more...]

Canon EOS Rebel Giveaway

I love photography. There is something about freezing a moment in time. Even though some see just a picture I see it all. The emotions, the memories, the smells, it can all come back from looking at a picture.Like anything, having the right tools, makes the difference. Well, here is your chance to … [Read more...]