101 years ago….

101 years ago, the world changed as the biggest moving object built to that point, sank to the bottom of the cold, unforgiving, unbiased ocean floor. I have a slight obsession with the Titanic. Not because of the movie, or the tragedy, but with the ship itself. The Titanic was unlike any ship build, … [Read more...]

It’s Spring Time!

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine. The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, it's time for........CLEANING! You thought I was going to say Spring I bet! Well, most of us kind of slack off all Winter. It's cold and dreary, who wants to do more … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Mother's Day Giveaway Event!Hosted By:Miss Frugal MommySponsored by:Chloe Christine, Pick Your Plum, EatSmart, Plant Therapy, Toadstool Pond, Blue Steel, Woolzies, Clever Container, and Candle ShopA special thanks to my wonderful cohosts:Simply Sherryl, Me And My Handful, Product … [Read more...]

My Perfect Gift Giveaway Event

Can you believe Mother's day is almost here? Have you got your eye on something, and are trying to hint for it?MyPerfectGift.com lets you buy the gift your loved ones really want.Moms do love the special hand made gifts we get from our little ones but, be honest…..we really want a great Mother’s Day … [Read more...]

Mission Giveaway: Conscious Box

I am always on the look out for new health products. What is more important to us than our health and the health of our families? Our health effects every aspect of our lives, and it is worth investing in!About Our Sponsor Conscious Box helps you discover the purest, healthiest natural products in … [Read more...]