5 Tips To Find Time To Read When You Have Little Ones

5 Tips To Find Time To Read When You Have Little Ones Today is Read Across America Day, and it got me thinking. I used to read all the time. Like crazy devour a book in a day reading. I never thought about it. I just picked up a book and read. Well after 5 little ones, it has become a purposed … [Read more...]

Fun Kids Craft Roundup

Fun Kids Craft Roundup March is National Craft Month, so I thought it would be fun to share some great kid crafts you can do with your littles! Crafts are great for building fine motor skills in children, plus the memories you create with them will last a lifetime. Not only that, but we all know … [Read more...]

Setting Your Child Up for Educational Success

This post has been sponsored by TestingMom.com. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. Setting Your Child Up for Educational Success With TestingMom.com I am deeply invested in my children's education.  I believe that teaching them correctly now is the key to helping them to be … [Read more...]

First Signs of Pregnancy

First Signs of Pregnancy There are many signs of pregnancy and it varies from woman to woman. Whether we’re trying to get pregnant or on birth control, it is important that we know the first signs of pregnancy. Although each pregnancy is different, these signs happen to almost all pregnant … [Read more...]

AmaziPro8 Shop Giveaway Event #2017Products

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. AmaziPro8 Shop Giveaway Event It's time for a giveaway! Have you ever stumbled upon an Amazon store and thought that you wanted all their products? The products available from AmaziPro8 are all useful, and they would make my life … [Read more...]