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We recently got a dog for our children. I am not a dog person. Or I guess I should say I was not a dog person until we got our Bailey. She has become a member of the family very quickly, and my husband and I were surprised at how we are changing our routines by having a dog in the house.

I never expected to let the dog sleep in our beds, and yet, we begin each night with Bailey in our bed, and every morning when my husband leaves for work, she curls up in his spot next to me! Granted, she gets kicked off during the night to sleep in her own bed.

A recent survey among pet owners found that 66% of women allow their pets on the furniture while only 54% of men do. Even though my husband has never had an indoor dog, he is finding he loves having the dog with us.

This has opened a whole new world to me that I never considered. Forget shopping for kid friendly furniture, I need pet-friendly!

A year ago, I never would have even though about pet-friendly fabric. Now I need to look into it!

Visit and check out all of the pet-friendly furniture options. I know that I plan to!

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