Planning Summer Vacations

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It’s summer, the kids are out of school, and now it’s time to fit in all the activities you have been waiting all year to have time for. Summer goes by so fast. If you are not prepared, then it will be gone just as you begin to relax. That’s why it pays to plan ahead. Planning your dream vacation is easier than you might think, so worth it.

Admit it, you have a destination in mind, maybe one you have never even told anyone about. A dream that you long to fulfill, sights you can picture in your mind. We all have one place that speaks to us

My hubby and I recently took my dream vacation, a Caribbean Cruise. I always dreamed of going on a cruise, and it was a dream come true. I was amazed at how many details we had not planned for! Here I was planning and planning, but some details are often over looked. 

Insurance Hunter has a great post all about preparing for your dream vacation, filled with tips like getting travel insurance, keeping your booking documents handy, and planning your activities. You would be surprised how much time you can waste by not being prepared. 

For our little vacation, we had done some traveling in Florida after the cruise, and we found we had wasted time and money by not planning our routes better, and buying insurance ahead of time. All little things, but the little things add up and take away from your perfect vacation. Planning pays off. What good is a vacation if you  spend all of it researching venues, switching hotels, or driving around looking for things? 

Whether your dream vacation is this year, next year, or not yet booked, visit Insurance Hunter and save your self some troubles! 

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  1. I am planning a short stay at the beach at the end of August. Very relaxed and laid back place – we need to destress.

  2. Our dream vacation is taking several years to save up for, and then events seem to happen that require us to spend that money 🙁 Some day we will get on a Disney cruise! Thanks for the post!

  3. I’m thinking Tokyo,had A chance to go a while back but didn’t take advantage. A decision I regret.

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