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As our loved ones age, the care often comes to us, the children and grandchildren. It usually starts small, with things like driving to appointments, or picking up groceries. After that, before we even realize it, we are caregivers. Our lives are entwined with our loved one as we ensure they have everything they need.

I have seen just how much time it can take to be a caregiver. My husband’s parents were caregivers to his grandparents. We watched as they planned their lives around the needs of their parents. Appointments, groceries, visits to check on things. As time went on, the needs became more and more, and the freedom of availability became less and less.

It is not something we do begrudgingly, but it can be overwhelming with out getting support for yourself. Everyone needs to take care of their own needs to be able to give to someone else. That support in the case of my husband’s parents, came from us, their children. We did not know that there were other supports available. Elizz has been helping Canadians for over 100 years. Supports like a Caregiving Coach,   can make all the difference in providing care.


Are you a caregiver, or will you be one? Check Which Elizz caregiver services are right for you?

Also try the 5 Stages of Caregiving Quiz. As with everything, tools make a difference. Make sure you have the right ones for your caregiving journey.

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  1. This is some really great information for anyone looking at possibly becoming a caregiver. I know I could not have been less prepared for my dad suddenly needing to move in with us, and I stumbled a bit in the beginning. Seeking a resource for help and advice is definitely a must, especially as the situation progresses. Thanks so much for writing!

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