Socializing Homeschool Children

Social Skills and the Homeschool Family

One of the biggest things people assume about homeschooled children is that they are unsocialized. Social skills are more important to some people than quality education! It is often one of the first comments I receive about homeschooling.

Well, anyone who has met my children knows they are not lacking in their social skills. While homeschooling is becoming more and more common, there are still fears about how this will impact a child as they grow into an adult. This fear can even deter some families from looking at homeschooling as an option for their family.

There are many ways to ensure your homeschooled child develops great social skills.

Join a Homeschool Group

Many communities have groups of homeschool moms working together. They offer field trips, play dates, and a place for mom’s to get a sanity check! Socializing with other homeschool moms can help mom as much as offering the children opportunities.

Get Involved In Your Community

For my family, our community is our church. We spend much of our time serving others in our church. Children learn how to interact with not only other children but adults of all ages.

Check For Programs At Your Local Library

Libraries will often have reading clubs, craft, and other activities for all different age groups. It offers a chance for the children to make new friends, and learn something at the same time. This can even become a part of your teaching.

Check Your Local YMCA for Daytime Lessons

Each of our local YMCA’s have one day a week where moms can enroll their children in swimming lessons during the day time. We make an afternoon of it. The kids get to play in the gym and have made friends they get to see every week for the whole school year.

Join A Team

Hockey, soccer, scouts. The options are endless.

Start your Own Group

If you can’t find any options, create some of your own! I’m sure you are not the only one. Ask local community centers if you can put up a bulletin. Search Facebook for community boards. Start with a group meet at a park, and get to know people.

As homeschooling gains popularity there are more and more options for parents and their homeschool children to socialize and get experiences. Homeschooling as about more than just academics. From my experience, most homeschooled children have better social skills that their traditionally schooled peers. Using some of these opportunities for your children offers chances to learn to socialize with a wide variety of people.

Can you think of other options I missed? Share them with us!

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