Standard Deviants Accelerates Review

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As a Home Schooling mom, I am always interested in finding tools that can help me teach my children new things. There are so many subjects to learn, and so many curriculums available to teach them with. It can become very overwhelming. As my children are getting older, I am getting nervous about teaching them some of the more complicated subjects. That’s why I was excited to check out Standard Deviants Accelerates. 

The Basics

Standard Deviants Accelerates (SDA) is an affordable and easy-to-use online curriculum supplement for homeschooling. It includes video lesson, review activities, quizzes, writing assignments, and tests. All you need is an internet connection to use, making it super convenient.

There are a variety of subjects available from grade 3 and up Arithmetic, to AP American Government and Politics. Students can work at their own pace, and SDA will automatically customize review questions based on the areas the student showed difficulty.

Why You Will Love It

  • Easy to use
  • Saves you time. No more searching for materials
  • Accessible anywhere. Tablet, laptop, desk top. All you need is an internet connection
  • Affordable. Plans start at $99/year or $24.95/month much less than a tutor!
  • Students can work at their own pace
  • Easy to see how your child is doing
  • Provides test prep

So far, I am happy with the results we are getting, and am looking forward to seeing how my children do at years end with the extra help.

Try It

SDA is available for a free 7 day trial so you can see for yourself just how much you can get out of it. Give it a try to supplement any curriculum you are using, or even to just help your children get a better grasp on a subject they are struggling with.


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