Staying Dry With Huggies #LittleMoversPlus Diapers

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Diapering a little one is quite a job! Especially for night time. In my house, the worst diaper changes are the first morning change. After sleeping for 12 hours, those diapers can be pretty wet. To make matters worse,¬†Little C is battling severe constipation. To resolve the issue, she takes medication to bring water into the bowel. This leads to very watery bowel movements, and very messy diaper changes! Pretty much every diaper is leaking right through. Poor Little C is so wet, cold, and miserable when she wakes up. It just starts every one’s day off on a bad note.

I finally found a diaper that can keep her dry and comfy, the New Huggies Little Movers Plus!



The new double grip strips help the diaper stay right where it needs to be, even for the busiest of kids, and the stay dray liner is super soft! After 12 years of children in diapers, I have tried almost all the brands. These premium diapers really do hold up to anything my Little C can throw at them.

Waking up dry makes everyone happier. All the new features in the Little Movers Plus provide great protection, and look as cute as ever with the Disney prints.

Little Movers Plus are available exclusively at Costco in sizes 3-6. For those tiny little ones, Costo has Little Snugglers Plus in sizes 1 and 2.

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A dry baby waking up is a happier baby. A happier baby leads to a happier mommy. That is something we can all smile about.

Visit the Huggies sites to learn more about these new premium diapers, and head to your local Costco to grab some for your littles!


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