The Waiting Game

Some days I just want to cry. I try to wait patiently for all the therapies that are being offered, and all the doctors appointments, but instead I have to call and chase to get results! I have spent most of morning calling to check on the status of different referrals, and therapies.
I have gotten the same response from multiple places “you are right, it should not have taken this long,” and “I’m sorry. I will look into it.” It should not be so difficult to receive necessaries services! I am thankful to live in a country that offers me support and help, but it concerns me that I have to chase the specialists to do their job.

Here is what I had happen today. I have been waiting for calls from several different departments for Little C, and Little S. For Little C it was speech therapy and a social worker. I received letters months ago stating I would receive a call back, and never got the call. The social worker apologized and agreed she was supposed to have gotten back to me by now. The speech therapy has to look into the situation to see if there are any services that can be offered to Little C.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had to make a call I was dreading. First, the back story. Little S was receiving speech therapy form an amazing therapist. We loved her, and she was making huge leaps and bounds with Little S. She was concerned about his fine motor skills, and wanted to send us to an occupational therapist to see if they could help. Little S was just under 3 at the time. It wasn’t long before we got an assessment. Little S is very shy, and clams up around new people. He was not receptive to the therapist, and she did little to make him comfortable. This was 3 years ago. She only saw us 3 times, wrote things in her reports that made her appear to be helping when she did nothing, and left me with the impression that she was going to continue giving Little S therapy. Now that Little S is school aged, we don’t have any thing. She dropped the ball, and left us with 3 years of waiting for nothing.
I spoke with the supervisor, who after apologies, said she would look into how this happened, but is unable to do anything to get Little S therapy now. A referral was made to the school, and now I have to wait to hear from them and see if they are willing to extend therapy to him since we home school! It is just so frustrating to trust in a system, and have it let you down, repeatedly.

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening!


  1. Have you talked to the public schools? They should have speech therapists on staff and special ed. teachers.

  2. I am sos sorry you have to go through all this sh*t (pardon my French). Unfortunately we live in a world were doctors, therapists, etc, work for their own good -to make money- instead to actually help others.

    I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers, hope it all gets sorted out 🙂

    From PDX with Love

  3. Hon I am so sorry, I hear this all the time. What state are you in? You need a advocate now! I would not have gotten any services if I didn’t push and fight for them. The system has services in place (which are not awesome) but most of the time they don’t have enough funds and if you don’t chase them down and fight for those services they will not move a finger (at least that has been my experience). Email me at and I can give you some tips and recommend you some books (maybe even send you some) that will help you get what you need for your kiddos. hugs

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