Thrifty Thursday: Stain Removal

In a house with 7 people, stains are a constant battle. Paying for expensive stain treatments are just not in the budget for me.
I have actually gained a reputation for being able to remove stains. This is a mixed blessing, because my family gives me their stained clothes to fix!
Here are some of my go to tips for removing troublesome stains with products you probably have in your house already.

Sun Light
I am a huge fan of my clothes line. Not only is it a money saver in it self, but the sun naturally bleaches out stains, and disinfects. For extra tough stains on whites, use lemon juice on the satin, then leave in direct sunlight.

Baby Powder
Just pour on a grease stain and let sit over night. Wash as normal in the morning.

Dawn Dish Soap
Another great grease remover. Just work into the satin, then wash as normal. Check to be sure the satin is removed before putting the garment in the dryer.

Hair Spray
Ink is a tough one if it is just washed as normal.  The sooner you treat it, the better. Immerse stain in a mixture of hair spray and cold water. Soak. Wash in cold water, and be sure to check is the stain is removed before placing in the dryer, as heat will set the stain. Heat set ink stains can sometimes be permanent. I have removed some, but it depends on the ink. Repeat  process until stain is gone.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Blood stains are something many people struggle with removing. All you need to go is avoid heat (This will set the stain because of the iron in the blood) Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain, and wash in cold water. Repeat until stain is gone.

Share your own stain removing tips with us!


  1. I had NO idea hair spray removed ink!! Thank you so much :)

  2. Thanks so much for these tips! With 3 kids, I definitely need these!

  3. Great tips for stain removal, very helpful. I didn’t know that the sunlight actually helped remove stains!

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