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Choosing a bank is a big decision. there are many reasons people choose their current bank. Most people choose because of convenience. It’s close to home or work, that hours are good for your schedule. When you really look at your financial future, is that the best reason? After all, aren’t all banks the same? You go in when absolutely needed, do most everything online, and never talk to anyone unless you need to borrow money, right?

Well, the answer is no. It does not need to be this way. We recently had a sit down with RBC advisors to see what they can offer us. They listened to our banking needs and asked what we expected from our bank. The RBC advisor made it clear that the RBC policy is geared to customer service and satisfaction. From a yearly call to discuss your financial needs, to taking personal interest in your banking needs. RBC puts their customers first, and that is a rare thing in the financial world. There was no pressure to open an account. Just a sit down discussion about my banking expectations and needs.

This meeting has totally changed my view of banking. Banking doesn’t have to be impersonal. There are banks out there that make it part of their business to know your banking needs and try to fill them.

Contact¬†RBC¬†to make your appointment and see what banking can be like. It’s a no obligation opportunity that could change everything.

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