Turtle Invaders: An App for Children With Special Needs

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As a parent of a special needs child, I know all to well that finding engaing activites that are developmentaly appropriate, and stimulating is challenging. Turtle Invaders is designed to enhance motor skills for young children and kids with motor or cognitive delays. The app is designed to improve visual attention, timing, coordination and control.  With a phenomenal ability to set options, it will keep kids motivated and engaged. The best part is no in app purchases! So many apps I have tried have in app purchases. I have to stay right beside my daughter because she keeps clicking on them and stopping her games. 

The Basics

The turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back!! In order to stop the turtles, Octoremus must ink the turtles, which magically transport them back to their own lair. The turtles, of course, can fight back. 

* Features to help children with special needs. 
* Fully customizable settings can adjust game options based on the skill level of the child
* Helps in improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for younger children
* Switch accessible for children with motor limitations.
* Just touch the screen to play or use an external switch (connected through a Bluetooth switch interface such as TabAccess).
* Beginner’s options to help gain confidence during game play.
* Enables play by all kids of all skill levels.
* Graphics and music can be graded to make this game suitable for sensory sensitive kids or for kids that are easily distracted, such as children with Autism or attention deficit disorder.

Plus it is free! Give it a try. All children can enjoy this game and benifit from playing.

Turtle Invaders can be downloaded from:

iTunes Download Link

Google Play Link

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