Winter Driving

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We all know about cell phones being a distraction while driving, right? Well there are so many more that people often don't think about or consider. Insurance Hunter has some great posts with tips on winter driving. 

Scott Marshall is Director of Training for Your Drivers of Canada, and was a judge for Canada's Worst Driver. He knows what he is talking about! Check out all the great articals.

How about the kids?  During the holidays there are many road trips. Tips on keeping the "Are we there yet?" comments to a minimum are always helpful.

What about vehicle maintenance? Winter time is so hard on your vehicle. Maintaining your car can really make a difference. I wish I read this earlier this year. We did not have our battery tested because it was only 3 year old, and sure enough, we found our selves stranded with a dead battery! It turned out even though the battery was still fairly new, it was not working right, so we needed a new one. Should have tested it before the temperatures reached -30!

Have you ever given any thought to Winter Driving Myths? I never have. It turns out 4 wheel drives don't give you more traction on snow. Putting more weight in your vehicle does not give more traction in snow. Huh. Good to know, right?

Then there is when to stop driving due to conditions. This is something more drivers need to think about. 

Here in the great white north, you would assume people know what they are doing when the snow hits the road. Sadly, I am reminded every year that we all appear to forget. Something about the snow makes people panic, and forget all the safe driving tips and tricks. A refresher is not only good, it can be the difference between a serious crash, and a safe arrival.

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  1. Excellent informative post…thank you for sharing ! After reading this post we will be more prepared for driving up when severe winter conditions arrive. By following the scheduled maintenance intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you can save time, money, and ensure the safety of you and your family.

  2. Great tips! This is my first winter driving experience (moved from FL to MN). Driving is totally different in ice and snow!
    Donna Hup recently posted..Baja BurgerMy Profile

  3. I do not like to drive in the snow so I appreciate the info! Thanks.
    Stefanie recently posted..Disinfecting With Lysol to Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu SeasonMy Profile

  4. We get those sprinkles of freezing rain and I swear there are more accidents than ever on the roads. I am off to check out those tips. thanks for sharing.
    Michelle recently posted..Pretend, Inspire, and Tempt the Imagination with Hasbro Super Hero Mashers #MiMashupMy Profile

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Winter driving is not so much fun. Great tips!
    Dawn recently posted..Muppets, Cap, Bears #MuppetsMostWantedEvent #CaptainAmericaEventMy Profile

  6. I don’t drive in snow and ice, but love the tips. My hubs has to so they are very appreciated!
    Diane Holland recently posted..Best Bang for your Buck on Blooming Flowers for the GardenMy Profile

  7. I agree and try to stay home when it snows. We’re southern and it’s never good when it snows here. Staying home is my best defense. :)
    Dina recently posted..Nautical Themes for baby showersMy Profile

  8. Thanks for the tips especially with all the snow and ice we have gotten lately.

  9. Thank you for the article! I appreciate sharing the links! I was able to find out more on safe driving conditions, since my daughter just got her license in Oct. ’13, it’s nice to get a refresher on what are considered safe and not safe conditions!
    Mary Jo recently posted..Dollar Tree Coupon Deals 3/5 – 3/12My Profile

  10. Call me crazy and the fact I live in south TX (no snow here ever) but I thought 4 wheel drive vehicles where made for tough road conditions and snow. Great info.
    Michelle Cantu recently posted..Insure Your Look with VSP Direct #VSPStyle ADMy Profile

  11. Rachelle j says:

    I had no idea you should get your battery checked at low temps! Thanks for the great tips!

  12. Good tips – I’m always telling the kids to settle down in the car – they can be distracting. Carpool with too many kids takes a lot of patience.
    Cristine recently posted..Spring into creativity with Sanford products – reviewMy Profile

  13. There are some really great disparity here. People forget how important it is to maintain your vehicle especially throughout the winter months.
    Addi recently posted..2014 Kia Sorento Family ReviewMy Profile

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