Yoga For The Family

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It always amazes me what the human body is capable of. Take Yoga for example. To the onlooker, it looks like just standing in funny poses and breathing. It is more that that though. The health benefits are truly amazing, and anyone can do it!

Why Yoga is Good for the Whole Family

Yoga is an ancient practice that some say has been around since 3,000 B.C. It consists of a collection of practices rather than just one. Meditation plays a huge role in yoga. Meditation is a system of breathing techniques that center a person’s psyche and spirit. The term yoga refers to the efforts that a person makes to combine their mind, body and spirit into one healthy entity. Yoga apparel designer Chip Wilson touts the endless benefits of yoga and encourages people of all ages to pick up the activity. Yoga can be an amazing benefit for the entire family. 

Positive Energy and Relaxation

Parents sit at the helm of the family, and they are usually subjected to the most amount of stress. A good yoga session can relax a parent after a hard day of work or after spending a long time worrying about kids’ activities or bills. Taking 30 minutes of the day to practice controlled breathing exercises can evoke positive energy and relaxation. Relaxation prepares an adult for eight hours of sleep, and appropriate sleep is beneficial to a person’s health. Therefore, yoga practice can be extremely beneficial to a parent.

Increased Bonding Time

A family that plays together is a family that will be closer to each other. Yoga can benefit all members of the family by increasing the amount of bonding time that they have throughout the day. Many families struggle with bonding because the individual members do not share a common ground or a familiar hobby. If all members of the family get involved with yoga, they will all have something in which they can participate. Family members can discuss their daily yoga sessions and build memories around the fun times that they have. 

Healthier Communication

Yoga sessions can alter the chemical makeup of the brain to achieve a more positive outlook. A person who is at peace in mind, body and spirit will inherit the gift of healthy communication. Healthy communication can help you speak with loved ones about challenges and disagreements without fighting, arguing or otherwise hurting the other family members. Communication is an important element in any relationship. It is a crucial part of a healthy family.

Yoga can be practiced at home or in a studio and by people of all flexibility levels. If there is a Lululemon store in your town, check for their weekly free yoga classes. Founder Chip Wilson strives to bring healthy living to those in his immediate community – and beyond. 

There are many types of yoga including Bikram, Hatha and Ashtanga. Interested family members can get started with yoga by looking up the basics online. There are plenty of demonstrations on YouTube. Anyone interested can also contact a yoga instructor who can help the person develop a new yoga plan as early as today. 

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