5 Budget Friendly Healthy Habits

I recently saw a picture on Facebook that got me thinking. It was a picture of a obese women holding her children captioned that she was too poor to be healthy. That if she had more money then she could afford a gym membership and healthier foods. While I agree that there is a problem with society when it is cheaper to by sugary treats than healthy snacks, it is possible to have a healthy life style while being on a budget.

Just so you know, I grew up in poverty. My mother was severely over weight. She smoked, and always bought pop for her self. We were given powdered juice to drink, not encouraged to drink water. Our meals were convenience foods. We rarely had fruit in the house. All 3 of us became over weight adults. I made a decision to give my children better. I made a plan, and have stuck to it.

We are a one income family with 5 children. Money has always been tight, some times tighter than I would like to admit. Yet, my children are a healthy weight, slim even. While I battled weight issues, it was not from my lifestyle, it was from my thyroid condition. I have managed to loose 60 lbs with out a gym membership. It takes planning, determination, and some common sense. The main thin it takes though is a desire to change. No one can change you, you need to change your self.

1. Drink water. Dehydration is a huge factor in our weight. It amazes me that so many struggling families have sugary drinks in the fridge and drink little to no water. Water is free! Water is good for you. My children know that water is what they get. Milk with meals, but water the rest of the day. Starting this early has made this normal for them. It is a habit they will continue as they grow.

2. Keep healthy snacks. No more crackers, chips, and cookies for snacks. Carrots are so cheap, cheaper than junk food. Apples and carrots are always in my home. If the kids are hungry between meals, they reach for them. Shop for what is in season to offer a variety of fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking.

3. Make your food from scratch. It is cheaper, and healthier to make your own foods. Less chemicals, and you can add all the heathy additions you want to your meal! Make a mac and cheese casserole with broccoli and onion. Make lasagne with spinach. Use you imagination.

4. When you can’t afford fresh, buy frozen. Frozen vegetables are a great way ┬áto eat healthy when the vegetables are out of season.

5. Walk when ever possible. Walking is a free way to get around, and it is great exercise. Make it a family affair to go for a walk after dinner. Park a little further from the doors when you shop. It all adds up.

Be an example to your kids. They are like sponges. I know first hand what happens growing up in a home with unhealthy habits. Making healthy choices now will not only help you, but it will last them in the years to come.


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