Apple Watch or iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

New gadgets are always exciting! Now we are giving you a chance to win the newest gadget from Apple, The Apple Watch!

Apple Watch Giveaway

Welcome to our Apple Watch Giveaway


Yes we are giving away the most sought after and wished for gadget this season. One lucky reader will win an Apple Watch! The perfect companion to iPhone, this smart watch incorporates fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities as well as integration with iOS, Apple products and services. Together with my blogger friends we’re giving you a chance to win 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band which retails for $349. You also have the option to choose your prize, the Apple Watch or it’s equivalent amount in iTunes gift card.

apple watch giveaway

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Giveaway is open to US only and runs May 7th and ends on May 29th at 11:59pm EST.

Good Luck!


  1. Holly Thomas says

    I deserve to win because I filled out the entry form! 🙂

  2. Michael Perkins says

    Im an Apple guy since LISA.. & Apple ii Owned a Bondi Blue iMac & a Bondi Blue G3 Tower

  3. Who doesn’t want the coolest watch around?

  4. Michael Perkins says

    Apple Fanboy.. yet A Cheap Apple Faanboy

  5. Michael Perkins says

    I Bleed Applejuice..

  6. Michael Perkins says

    Much better than the Knockoff Lemon Watch…

  7. Michael Perkins says

    The newest possible Buggy Whip..

  8. Rust

    Reading Eggs, 3 week trial

  9. Rust

    I would love to win it for my daughter, she would enjoy the tech.

  10. Michael Perkins says

    Love some new tech..

  11. Michael Perkins says

    Ill be your FRIEND…… 😉

  12. carol clark says

    well it would be nice to be trending something that is so beautiful and high tech

  13. Michael Perkins says

    Wife runs a High School MAc LAb

  14. Michael Perkins says

    Been sporting macs since the mid 90’s

  15. Michael Perkins says

    Owned a Bondi Blue imac.. & LIKED its POWER lol 333 snoking mhz

  16. Gina H.

    I deserve it because I’m ready to graduate from college.

  17. Michael Perkins says

    Not a Fanboy, But I am a Boy Fan…

  18. Angela Cash

    I don’t know that I deserve to win but I certainly would like to. I am a tech junkie and the Apple watch is the hottest release this year.

  19. Michael Perkins says

    Its the Apple of my i

  20. Michael Perkins says

    Currently Own NO watch at all.

  21. i’d love to win it for my husband!

  22. Michael Perkins says

    An Apple a day…

  23. Stacey b says

    I wouldnt say I deserve it over anyone else, but I would really appreciate it and it would get plenty of use here!

  24. Michael Perkins says

    I Would share it with my son

  25. Michael Perkins says

    I would share with my wife

  26. Michael Perkins says

    Tried the whole Watermelon watch experience & was underwhelmed, #appleisawesome

  27. I deserve to win because I can’t ever seem to win any electronic gadgets.

  28. Michael Perkins says

    Crossing em, Good Luck & Thank You

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