I Find My Self a Helicopter Mom

I Am A New Kind Of Mom Rant It's been quiet here for a bit and I would like to give you an update, as well as rant and vent a bit. While Little C has made some huge leaps in her development, we also have had a major setback.  She has had a seizure. A full out, grand mal, blue lips, shaking body … [Read more...]

The Word Retarded Is Not OK as a Joke

I need to vent for a moment. This is a post I want to draw attention to something. I am not one to point fingers typically. Society is becoming very fragile is so many ways, and a tough skin is important. For the most part, I try to let things just roll off my back, this, however, is a subject that … [Read more...]

Coping With The News Your Child Is Delayed

It has been almost 3 years since I sat in a specialist's office with my Little C and heard the words that broke me. The words that changed my life. Up until then, I had hoped that I was wrong, that she could catch up. Before then, I dreamed of a life I wanted to give my little girl, my only … [Read more...]

Learning Success Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Learning to read and write is something most of us take for granted. It is a necessary skill that we learn as children. We send our children to school, and they lear this basic yet complex skill. For some children, learning disabilities … [Read more...]

All I Want For Christmas

It has been a little while since I posted a Little C update, and there is a lot going on! The biggest news is we may finally have a partial diagnosis on the speech side of the disability. After a switch in speech therapists, we may be looking at Apraxia. Apraxia is a speech disorder in which a … [Read more...]