5 Budget Friendly Healthy Habits

I recently saw a picture on Facebook that got me thinking. It was a picture of an obese woman holding her children captioned that she was too poor to be healthy. That if she had more money then she could afford a gym membership and healthier foods. While I agree that there is a problem with society … [Read more...]

Using Bulletproof Coffee to #ElevateTheSeason

Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post from¬†Bulletproof 360. All opinions are my own. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about my coffee. The first words my kids hear from me in the morning is "Can you get me a coffee?" I was sitting sipping lattes and espressos back at the beginning … [Read more...]

#12DaysOfHealthy Living Ideas Health & Fitness Planners

It's time for day 8 of our healthy living ideas. Today we mix things up with a way to stay on track to keep your health goals. A brand new year is a great way to begin a year of changes. Why not start by getting a free way to track all your health needs. In one place you can download and print a … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Better Health #12DaysOf Healthy Living

Beginning the new year is a time when many people renew their resolutions to be healthier. We have teamed with 12 blogs to bring you 12 days of healthy living posts, and today we have some tips for you! Stephanie from www.SharingAtoZ.com is sharing 6 tips for better health to help you start the year … [Read more...]

Effexor and major depressive disorder

The following is a sponsored post.¬† Effexor and major depressive disorder Based on data provided by World Health Organization, number of people suffering from depression has greatly increased in last few decades. At first glance, this looks like a very bad sign. However, these results are not … [Read more...]