Organizing With Master Data Managment

 Disclosure: This post contains sponsored content. All opinions are my own. For more information see our Disclosure Policy. Do you run your own business? Even a small home-based business is work to keep going. It looks like it will be easy in the beginning, but success does not come easy. If it … [Read more...]

Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card

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How to Remodel a Bathroom With Kids in Mind

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored contentIf you're remodelling your family bathroom, make sure the changes you make will benefit everyone, especially your little ones. You may be tempted to accommodate children with lower sinks and towels racks. However, your kids won't be little for long. … [Read more...]

4 DIY Ways to Clean Your AC Unit

Experts agree that having poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of health concerns, including irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, heart disease, or even cancer. One of the best ways to keep the air in your home safe is to make sure your AC unit is clean. While it might sound daunting, … [Read more...]

Random Acts Of Kindness Day

February 17- Random Acts Of Kindness Day Did you know that February 17 is Random Acts Of Kindness Day? This is news to me! In a world where we see road rage every day, and people so self-absorbed they ignore the people around them, a day like this is a welcome change. It really saddens me to … [Read more...]