My Teenagers And The Stereotypes

It will be official next month. I will have two teenage boys. This is so hard to believe! They grew up almost overnight. Not only in size, but in attitude, interests, and laziness. I always have heard the stereotypes about raising teenagers, and never knew if they were true. I had two younger … [Read more...]

5 Budget Friendly Healthy Habits

I recently saw a picture on Facebook that got me thinking. It was a picture of an obese woman holding her children captioned that she was too poor to be healthy. That if she had more money then she could afford a gym membership and healthier foods. While I agree that there is a problem with society … [Read more...]

Trying Out The Fidget Spinner

This post may include affiliate links. All opinions are my own. The Fidget Spinner, Are They Worth It? The latest gadget that all the kids want these days is the Fidget Spinner. Fidget Spinners are advertised to be an aid to help kids focus and relax and have huge success with children … [Read more...]

7 Ideas For Keeping Kids Busy and Media Free This Summer

7 Ideas For Keeping Kids Busy and Media Free This Summer Summer is a lazy time for parents and children alike. A time to sleep in, a time to relax, a time to refresh. For many families, this time is also filled with television, computers and video games. While in moderation there is nothing … [Read more...]

Setting Your Child Up for Educational Success

This post has been sponsored by The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. Setting Your Child Up for Educational Success With I am deeply invested in my children's education.  I believe that teaching them correctly now is the key to helping them to be … [Read more...]