Socializing Homeschool Children

Social Skills and the Homeschool Family One of the biggest things people assume about homeschooled children is that they are unsocialized. Social skills are more important to some people than quality education! It is often one of the first comments I receive about homeschooling. Well, anyone who … [Read more...]

We are Delaying Kindergarten and That is OK

It's the normally accepted milestone for a 5-year-old. It's time to start Kindergarten. Not for us. Not this time. My daughter has special needs. It is a fact that we came to terms with when she was 18 months, but it is also something we have to mourn almost daily. This year she is 5. The first … [Read more...]

Why Following The Rules Is Important For Kids

We have all seen those kids at the play ground who don't follow the rules. We have all groaned before at a child or children who play too rough, or make an experience stressful for younger kids. The question is, why? Where are the parents? Sadly, this is often something that a parent teaches a child … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Teach Basic Math to Kids with Games

5 ways to teach basic math to kids with games Parents play a big part in their children's education, and one of those ways is through basic math and counting. Many children's games have an object of teaching children how to recognize numbers and add them together. You can probably remember the … [Read more...]

The “R” Word

These days political correctness is a big deal. People are so afraid about offending someone that we all watch what we say. Discrimination and prejudice is a real problem, and it deserves attention. We should be considerate to those around us. Racial slang is not ok. As a society, we know this. … [Read more...]