You may have noticed things have been a bit slow the past couple of weeks. Life has been really crazy!

To start with, as you can see I have switched to Word Press, and am very happy about it! This transition was very painful! My web developer was awesome, but the old web host was a mess! Now that is over, so I am able to get busy again.

On top of the technical difficulties, Little C has had lots of appointments. The hardest of which was our follow-up with our geneticist. We were told that there are no more tests available, so we will not have a diagnosis for her disabilities. Even though I knew this was coming, it was still hard to hear.

On the positive, she is learning new signs, and even talking some! Her receptive language skills are coming together, and we are very excited.

Combine that with a back injury, a close family friend  lost her father, and my hubby left town for work. Busy busy busy! I am happy to try and get back to a good schedule, and that includes starting school again for the year!



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