Choosing Family Friendly Cities

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Raising a family is hard work. Any parent can tell you about the sleepless nights in those early days. Or about the nights when your little one has a cough and fever. The planning and joys, the tears and worry. Parenting is more than a job. Parenting being completely responsible for something bigger than our selves. No pressure, right?

One important factor in raising a family is choosing where to live. There are so many factors to consider. Cost of living, access to schools and child care, and even crime are all important factors to look at.

Looking at this Family Friendly Index is a real eye-opener. Did you know that New York City is ranked #14 in all of the United States? Texas holds 3 out of the top 25 cities!

Choosing a place to live is a big decision. Using tools like this can help take some pressure off in making the decision. No matter what your cities Family Friendly Index, the most important thing is what we as parents do for our children. That is something nobody can measure but ourselves.

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