Christmas Tree Decorating Traditions

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Christmas time is filled with traditions. From the music we listen to, the foods we eat, right down to the decorations in our home. So many traditions are passed down from our families. We often continue celebrating the holidays the way we did as we grew up, especially as our families begin.

When I was little, we always had a real Christmas Tree. It was decorated with homemade ornaments┬áthat we made each year with my Great Aunt, and it was wonderful. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I had my first Christmas in my family’s first home. We had 3 small children, and I told my husband that I wanted a real tree. I wanted to start having more traditions with my children that they can look back as fondly as I do to my own childhood. My tree may not have all the homemade ornaments my aunts did, but we decorate it the same every year, with music playing and rotating who Daddy lifts up to place the star.

These traditions are important. We don’t always see how much they mean to us until they are gone. Take a second this year and stop. Breathe and look at all traditions you have and reflect. Check out how your tree decorating compares to others too. It’s fun to see the similarities┬ápeople have!

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