Cute Costume Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

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Costumes and cosplay are growing in popularity. More and more adults are dressing like superheroes, robots and movie characters. Our love for costumes, however, first appears during childhood. It’s great fun for youngsters to assume a new identity and step into a world of fantasy, but it’s also beneficial. Dressing up and playing develops a child’s imagination and may even provide social skills that will help later in life. Here are some fun ideas to get your little one started in the creative world of costuming.

Your Favorite Food

Babies are adorable enough, but they look absolutely delicious when dressed as our favorite foodstuffs. Even better, many of these delightful designs can be made quickly and cheaply. If you have a sweet tooth, consider a cotton candy costume. Just affix some dyed batting to a sleepsuit and cap, and then complete the look with a rolled piece of cardstock attached to the cap to serve as the cone. Another idea certain to tickle hearts while tempting tummies is a baby burrito costume. Bundle your little bundle in a tan or brown blanket and place a similarly colored cap on his or her head. No burrito or taco is complete without lettuce, however, so you also will need some shredded green tissue paper to stuff in the blanket.

Your Favorite Team

You’ll hit a home run with a DIY baseball costume that only requires some white felt, red ribbon and bunting. If touchdowns are more your thing, use a brown onesie and white grosgrain ribbon to turn your papoose into a pigskin. From jerseys to rompers, endless apparel options also abound for young fans to display team pride. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, you might decorate your toddler or infant in a Seahawks onesie with a baby-sized football helmet. These costumes aren’t limited to special events, either; you can enjoy them all year long, or at least throughout the sports season.

Your Favorite Animal

The only thing cuter than a baby might be one dressed as a baby animal. These costumes are darling and our little dears love dressing like their furry favorites. A black shirt and pants and a whole bunch of cotton balls can result in a delightful baby sheep costume. You can turn your toddler into a charming chicken with little more than some white feather boas and a pair of yellow rubber gloves. Costume shops also carry a wide variety of animal attire.

Costumes are fun for young and old alike. Instead of fretting over that elite ensemble the next time your little one needs a great get-up, consider some of these ideas to treat your tot.

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