We are Delaying Kindergarten and That is OK

It’s the normally accepted milestone for a 5-year-old. It’s time to start Kindergarten. Not for us. Not this time.

My daughter has special needs. It is a fact that we came to terms with when she was 18 months, but it is also something we have to mourn almost daily. This year she is 5. The first thing everyone asks when they meet her is “Oh is she off to Kindergarten this year then?” Then I have to give my answer…….No.


We are a homeschooling family. with my 4 oldest boys, it is a struggle, but it works for us. Having two different schooling methods is just too difficult. This was a decision we put a lot of thought and prayer into. And we decided that keeping Little C home is what works for us. We also know that putting a child in Kindergarten is not always the best choice just because your child is 5 years old. Of course, that always leads to more questions.

Yes, I know that the schools have Education Assistants to help her. Yes, I know that they can adapt a program for her. No, I am not a  trained teacher. However, that does not mean that I do not know what is best for my child.

There are many studies that show that delaying Kindergarten entry until a child is ready can be beneficial.

Studies have found that delaying Kindergarten entry can dramatically reduce ADHD,  and lead to higher test scores.

This might not be the choice for all parents, but this is ours. I researched, I know my child best.

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