Experiencing Life Like A Single Mom

I am happily married to a wonderful man who loves me and loves our handful of little ones. He loves us so much that he works like crazy so I can be a stay at home mom, and home school our children. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, and I know it. Some times though, we have to make sacrifices to have me stay at home. One of those has been having my husband travel for work. This means I get to experience life as if I was a single mom, well, some of it.

For 3 weeks, we have to live with out my husband, and this changes so many aspects of our lives. Shopping for example. I can’t just run off to get my shopping done in the evenings. Now I need to get a sitter, or take all 5 little ones with me. Not fun! No coffee dates with my friends, no help with the kids, and miserable kiddos missing their Daddy.


Thankfully, we both have iPads, so for 3 weeks Daddy is an iPad.It’s a small thing that makes life a bit more bearable. Little C goes nuts when she sees Daddy’s face on the screen. She squeals with joy and follows it as it is passed from kid to kid.

People always ask how I do it. Well, here are some tricks I’ve learned to help cope as a family when Daddy travels.

Keep busy
Idle time is lonely time. I plan play dates, activities like museum trips and movies. Keep busy to pass the time.

Arrange a baby sitting swap
Shopping, coffee, even cleaning the house. Some Mommy only time is very important. Arrange with a friend or family member to swap kids for a day. Quiet kid free time will keep mommy sane.

Cook bigger meals and eat left overs
When my husband is away, I have no desire to cook. My sister in law suggested I cook to days at once and eat left overs more. This makes a huge difference for me. Plus, we can stay busy as a family with out me needing to rush home for supper or eat out.

Look for the positives
They may be small, but there are a few things good about my husband not being home. No work truck to fit in the yard, no alarm going off at 4:30 AM.It is not like I want my husband gone, don’t misunderstand. There is something to be said about a positive attitude. Keep it all positive.

Make the home coming special
Each time my hubby comes home, it is a big deal.

I have always known that bing a single mom was hard work. I applaud all the single mom’s out there. Now I can appreciate how hard it is, and tip my hat to you all!


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