That First Christmas As Newly Weds

How Do You Pick Where To Be Your First Married Christmas?


It’s Christmas time. A time for family gatherings, and time with loved ones. Unfortunately, for new;y married couples, it’s a time of pressure. Which family do you spend Christmas with? How do you make the decision without hurting someone?

Growing up, we always had Christmas morning at home, and then went to my Dad’s family for supper. My mother’s parents died before we were born, so there was no conflict on choosing a side, yet it was always strained.  We would open our presents, and then hurry to get ready to go be with family. Sure, we had fun with all of our cousins, but we abandoned our new toys and games for another day. It added a layer of stress to the day, and even as a child, I felt it.

For my husband and I, we were the first on each side to be in this position. His parents lived out of town, so trying to spend time with both families in one day would not be an option. How do you choose? Well, for my newly formed family, we decided not to choose. It’s not fair to have to make the choice. Is one side better than the other? Do some families traditions hold more weight? No. As a new family unit, we agreed that Christmas Day would be in our home. We would not make a choice that would favor one side.

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