Focusing on Customer Service

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It’s a new year, and for many people that leads to New Years Resolutions. A big one for many people is to take care of debt. Whether it is starting a new business, or revamping one you already have, customer service is key. Without good customer service, there will be no return customers, and that is an up hill battle!

Follow Up

Following up with your customers creates a relationship. A survey on the service is a great place to start. This gives you testimonials to share with new customers, and a chance to clear up any misunderstandings. I know personally, I have had businesses follow up on surveys where I was unsatisfied and were able to keep my business as a result.

Stand Behind Your Product

If you can offer a guarantee, it takes the risk out for new customers. People can be nervous about change. Taking the risk out can help.

Be Active On Social Media

Let your customers get to know you. Have some fun on your Facebook page and Twitter. Post some fun pictures, ask your fans to get involved. Build a relationship with people, and build trust.

Consider Outsourcing

This is where so many people come up short.  When you are busy focusing on your business, there are times that your focus is not able to be on the customer service aspect of the business. This doesn’t mean that it has to lack. Consider outsourcing. There are many options, like using a customer service software.

This lets you focus on what you do best without sacrifice. A software can help you understand your customer’s needs so you can better fill them, allowing for more customer retention.  UserIQ has the option of a free trial and a demo so you can see how you can take the questions out of customer service and build a strong business. Give it a try, after all, what do you have to lose?

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