In Home Valentines Date Ideas

5 In Home Valentines Day Date Ideas

When you have a young family, it can be difficult to go out on dates, especially on Valentines Day. Babysitters cost, most other couples have plans. Unless you have some single family members, an “In Home Date” might be a better option.

So what do you do at home on the most romantic night of the year? Well, here are 5 ideas to get you started.

1. Dinner without the kids

Family meals are nice, but far from romantic. Have a later dinner, after the kids are in bed. Dinner alone is rare. Enjoy it. Dress up. Make your spouses favourite meal. Or try to recreate a memorable meal out. Do some decorating. Candles can take the family table from busy to romance. Try to remember what it was like to have your first Valentines Day together.

2. Movie night

Don’t underestimate the classic movie night. Find an old movie you both enjoyed, make some popcorn and curl up on the couch together.

3. Winter Walk

This is something the whole family can enjoy if the weather allows. Go walk through a park, look at the stars hand in hand. Or even just go in your back yard. Wrap up in a blanket together, you can always warm each other up later!

4. In House Picnic

There is something about a picnic that is so intimate. There is no reason why you can’t have one on your living room floor after the kids are in bed. Lay down a blanket on the living room floor. Soft music can help set the mood.Have some chocolate, some strawberries. Keep it simple, but intimate.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Have some fun! Hide notes with poems, home made coupons or treats, love notes. Use what ever works for you. Leave a clue for the next treat.

The most important part of Valentines day is to enjoy time with your loved one.


  1. Carol Yemola

    Dinner without the kids is always a treat.

  2. The Scavenger Hunt idea is my favorite!
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  3. Heather DeBooy

    Some great ideas,especially need me time!

  4. Miranda A. says:

    thanks for the ideas. we need some this year. 😉

    KARENALBERTWINSLOW recently posted..In Home Valentines Date IdeasMy Profile

  6. Fun without the baby is a must!

  7. I love these budget-friendly ideas!

  8. Love the scavenger hunt idea!
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  9. Think I’ll steal the scavenger hunt idea. We’ve been very low on cash all year, so it would add a little fun to the basic boring gifts like chocolate, a homemade card and maybe a favorite snack. Maybe I’ll incorporate a little trivia and award prizes for correct answers. Poetry comes naturally to me, so at least that part will be easy.

  10. Mary Dailey says:

    Great ideas to have some quality time with your sweetheart. Thanks!

  11. rachelcartucci says:

    The winter walk is something I think we will do. Thanks and have a great Valentines day!

  12. Stacy Ferrell

    A lot of great ideas. Thanks. I also love the scavenger hunt idea.

  13. Sacha Schroeder says:

    The scavenger hunt would be fun!

  14. Debbie Welchert says:

    I love the In House Picnic idea. It would be so much fun.

  15. lissa crane says:

    Great ideas! You usually have more fun when you don’t spend a lot of money anyway! No pressure!

  16. I love the scavenger hunt idea! Chances are it will be too cold here to do anything outdoors on Valentines day, so the scavenger hunt would be a fun way to spend time inside!

  17. in house picnic sounds good.

  18. would love movie night with out the kids, watch something besides cartoons lol.

  19. These are some really great ideas that I would of never thought of!! And I have been a lil depressed this year because we don’t have alot of money. This is gonna be a great Valentine’s Day now thanks to your ideas!!

    • I know how it feels. I can’t count how many Valentines days we were broke. That’s how I came up with these. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines! <3

  20. Michelle Salais says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. 🙂

  21. I think dinner at home without the kids sound great! I’d serve something we don’t generally get to have, something away from the kids’ menu. Maybe a special night without chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or macaroni & cheese?
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  22. What great little ideas. With winter really taking it’s toll these will come in handy for sure.
    Teri recently posted..Raspberry M&#038;M Bark RecipeMy Profile

  23. I like your ideas. Except for the winter walk. This year it’s just a little bit too frigid out.

  24. I love these! As a mommy of 9 it is often hard to find a babysitter and then there is the littlest one too. . . anyway these are great! And some of these you can do with kids too.
    Erin S. recently posted..Seventh Generation- Healthy Baby Home PartyMy Profile

  25. Melanie W. says:

    I love scavenger hunts! There’s something about the search for the surprise that makes it all that much better!

  26. Melisa Hennings says:

    i love the in house picnic idea and scavenger hunt.. i think i might do both of these togther.. like set up the picnic and do the scavenger hunt to lead up to the picnic.. great idea thanks

  27. Melanie Herberg

    Since we don’t watch movies much, this would be a nice treat

  28. These are great tips. We usually do a homemade dinner and either go to the movies or snuggle with a rental

  29. Great ideas! Thanks so much or sharing.
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  30. These are great ideas! Thanks!
    Katrina recently posted..Valentine’s Day Covered PretzelsMy Profile

  31. kelly mcgrew says:

    i do like dinner at home but you have to do something out of the norm or it looks like a normal day of the week which i try to avoid. i like for it to feel like a special occasion or celebration.

  32. Thanks so much

  33. Heather McCormick says:

    Great ideas, thanks so much

  34. Great ideas! Can’t wait!

  35. Christine Beasley says:

    I like your practical but fun ideas.

  36. I have seen quite a few lists, and I think the winter walk on your list is a wonderful idea, I’ve not seen it elsewhere, it’s a great idea.

  37. Myrna Kasick says:

    A winter walk does sound romantic.

  38. This is a great list of ideas, my fave is the in-house picnic. Thank you for sharing this post.

  39. Angela Haskins says:

    The scavenger hunt is my favorite. I like that all of these ideas can be used anytime, not just for Valentine’s Day.

  40. These are great ideas to save money on Valentine’s Day dates!

  41. pasqualina tekaucic

    scanvenger hunt interesting

  42. Lori Davis says:

    Thanks, I’m going to try some of these tips!

  43. Mary Fagans

    I miss having little ones, because we always did little crafting ideas for holidays. It was nice just to sit down with them and do something for each holiday. Great ideas, thank you!

  44. Ashley Vazquez says:

    Hubby and I are staying in this year so these are very helpful! 🙂

  45. natalie parvis says:

    Great ideas We’ll be staying in wtih the littles.

  46. Ashley Robertson says:

    Lots of ideas to do on the weekend.

  47. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    I will try some of these when we are staying home bored they look like alot of fun thanks

  48. Rebecca peters says:

    I like the in house picnic

  49. Christy Anderson says:

    An inside picnic could be very romantic…I like that idea!

  50. Blessed Assurance says:

    I love the winter walk and the in house picnic.

  51. allyson becker says:

    Thanks for the tips! Always need ideas for a budget.

  52. These ideas are great! They don’t cost a lot of money so they are even easier to do.

  53. Janette Polivka

    Walk and movie night is wonderful for me! I don’t need to spend a lot of money I just want to be with that special someone!

  54. Dinner w/o kids is a great Valentine’s Day treat.

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