My Teenagers And The Stereotypes

It will be official next month. I will have two teenage boys. This is so hard to believe! They grew up almost overnight. Not only in size, but in attitude, interests, and laziness. I always have heard the stereotypes about raising teenagers, and never knew if they were true. I had two younger brothers, so I tried to think back to what they were like as teens. Well, a mother’s perspective is so much different than that of a sister.

Just to be clear, I do not believe in comparing children to other children. Each child, or teen, in this case, is different. I am looking at each one and the changes in them individually.

They Really Do Stink

Yes, like smell really gross! I mean, my boys shower every night and wear deodorant, yet oh boy, the smell some days!! Their room even smells different! This is something to get used to. When did it happen? When will it end? We shall see I guess. In the mean time, I am buying more manly soaps and body washes.

They Are Clumbsy

I don’t know if it’s adjusting to a new centre of gravity as they grow, or just not paying attention. I swear they are knocking over more things and dropping things like crazy! The coordination seems to be lacking these days.

They Sleep More

My kids have always been early risers. To the point I have to put a restriction on how early they are allowed up. Yet this past year, I have to go get them out of bed! Some days I think they would sleep the day away if I let them. You would think this would be a good thing, I mean I can sleep in too right? Nope. I have to kick them up to do things like walk the dog. The dog doesn’t understand we need sleep.

They Keep To Themselves More

I am finding that they like to be off doing their own thing, and are less likely to want to tag along with Mom. This one I kind of enjoy! It is different though. I am used to knowing where they are, and what they are doing. Now, I have to go look for them. It’s nice to see them gaining independence, but it can be hard for a mother to let go. All afternoon bike rides, playing basketball at the community centre. It’s an adjustment for me.

They Are Lazier

My boys have a great work ethic, I want that to be clear. When you compare them to the average teen, they are amazing. Again, I am comparing them to them selves. The changes I am seeing in the last year or so, and they are not as driven as they used to be. I find my self having to remind them about things, or have them re-do their chores.

I hope that all these changes start to plateau soon, as I have 2 more boys hitting this stage of life in the next couple of years! Tell me, how do you deal with the changes of teenagers?

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