Mission Giveaway: Easter With Hersey’s

Now, who doesn't love chocolate? Is there anything that chocolate can't solve, at least in the moment you are eating it? Easter is coming, and little children every where are looking forward to finding their own chocolate treasures, many will be filled with Hersey's chocolates. Mmmm!About Our … [Read more...]

Teaching Tuesdays: Motivation

Every child is different. We all know it, but do we really believe it in more than just a theory?I Home School, so I have seen just how different my children's learning styles are. Litte P and Little E started Kindergarten the same year, and wow. They are so different, it is unreal. Little E learned … [Read more...]

Creativium – Paper Theater iPad Review

When I first got my iPad, I really intended it to be only for me. It didn't take me long to discover the value of letting my children play with it too. There are so many educational and just plain fun apps for kids!¬†Creativium is on of those apps for children 2 and up.¬†Imagine a world where a … [Read more...]

Boba Carrier Giveaway

Welcome to the Boba Carrier Giveaway Part II!Hosted by: Everything Mommyhood, Four Littles Media, and My Four Littles.Sponsored by: Boba FamilyCo-Hosted by: Gator Mommy Reviews, Boys Oh Boys, The Crazy Coupon Mommy, Fun with Four, and MOMentarily Distracted.Check out Everything Mommyhood's review of … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Little C

My baby girl, day 1, year 1 and now year 2! … [Read more...]