Some Progess in Both Areas!

This has been a big month in Little C's life. She has pulled her self to stand, eaten a cookie all by her self (That's the really big one for me!) and tomorrow we go see the Geneticist. This is both exciting and scary for me. We have been on the waiting list since last June, when Little C was first … [Read more...]

Ten Thousand Pennies Giveaway

  Who wouldn't want to spend 10,000 pennies? One lucky reader will win $100!!Welcome to the Ten Thousand Pennies Giveaway EventHosted by Mom Powered MediaPlease take a moment and visit our sponsor: Spend with PenniesTen Thousand Pennies = $100One lucky reader will win $100 Paypal USDGiveaway ends … [Read more...]

Snow Days

Living in Winnipeg, snow storms are common. Even in the month of May. The last few years we have been fortunate. There haven't really been any major blizzards. This year, so far, we have had 2 major snow falls. Not quite shut the city down blizzards, but pretty nasty weather. This year I was facing … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Sleeping beauty...... … [Read more...]

Keurig Vue Giveaway

I am as coffee nut. I love drinking a warm cup of coffee to start my day, or even just to relax with friends.Coffee is black gold to me. I am so excited to be part of a giveaway for Keurig's newest Vue brewer!Seeing Double! Keurig Vue V700 EventHosted by Mom To Bed by 8 and Donna’s Deals and … [Read more...]