Perfect Boston Butt BBQ Recipe #12DaysOf Picnic Ideas

Welcome to Day 1 of our 12 Days of BBQ or picnic ideas!

it’s time for another great 12 days of ideas series, and my blogger friends and I are hard at work coming up with ideas to get you going this summer!

Spring is here and Summer is hot on its heels. Before long, the tantalising smells wafting through the air from neighbourhood grills will make your stomach rumble! While we grill year-round, Summer is known for backyard barbeques and fun times. From family reunions to birthdays, or just a fun party – Mom Does Reviews has the Perfect Boston Butt BBQ recipe for you!

Boston Butt BBQ Recipe

Check out the recipe on Mom Does Reviews.

There are 11 other great Picnic and BBQ ideas below on the linky! I’m sure you will love them all!

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