Puppy Potty Training Tips

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Puppy potty training: The most important things you have to know

Puppies are simply adorable. Like children, they need to be guided along the way as they adapt
to living with humans. However, some people have difficulties teaching them even the basic lessons
such as potty training. Needless to say, this can cause some big issues.
Potty training is important not only because it teaches your puppy to relieve itself outside of the
house but also because it sets up the basis for any other training. During this time puppy will learn to obey
your commands and as a result, it will be much easier to teach it some other things and to build up
Here are some basic tips that will help you during potty training.

  •  Be consistent

As already mentioned, potty training serves as a springboard for other training. Have in mind
that dogs don’t understand our language; they get information from body language instead. Each time a
dog does something good (or bad) we need to make sure it understands that. So, you cannot allow
yourself to scold it and seconds after that, pet it. Your message needs to be consistent at all times. Same
goes for everything else from walks to food etc.
Have in mind that dog is not going to discipline itself, especially a young dog. You’re the one that
needs to set up an example and create healthy habits.

  • Think about the diet

During initial weeks and even months, it’s much better if you don’t complicate things. Even if a
puppy is begging for some food, it shouldn’t be provided. Instead, you need to make sure that puppy
gets the same food and same portions each day at the same time. This is the best way to predict its
bowel movements and make sure that accidents do not occur.

  • Be proactive

If you wait for too long, you can rest assured that puppy will mess up the carpets in your house.
Best way to prevent this is by being proactive and anticipating pet’s needs. If a puppy urinates each time
you’re outside, it will slowly turn into a habit and it won’t even think of pottying inside of the house. This
is a good way to enforce positive behaviour without even trying.

Of course, this means you need to be disciplined yourself and wake up each morning a bit
before the pup.

  • Don’t excite your puppy

Puppies don’t have too much control over their body. Most of the things they do, they do them
instinctively. Same goes for their hygienic needs and in particular pottying.
If you put a dog into a situation where it’s likely going to potty, it will do exactly that. Make sure
not to pet your dog in the morning or prior to going out (no matter how cute it is).

  •  Positive approach

Not much can be accomplished by bullying your dog or negative reinforcement. Puppies are
already intimidated by us through the sheer difference in size; there is no need to add to this.
Instead of being negative when a puppy potties inside of the house, make sure to be positive
when it potties outside. Dogs can easily understand our body language: through simple things, they can
figure out you’re not satisfied with it peeing inside of the house especially if you’re consistent in your
Make sure to have a bag of treats with you at all times. As the training progresses, simple
petting on the head will do the job.


Potty training isn’t a particularly hard process; even if you don’t have any experience, it is
something you can quickly figure out. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take any shortcuts or become
impatient. As mentioned, it is an important part of growing up with your dog and there is no need to
skip anything.
Even though this may sound gross, training such as this can bring you closer together.

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