How to Remodel a Bathroom With Kids in Mind

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If you’re remodelling your family bathroom, make sure the changes you make will benefit everyone, especially your little ones. You may be tempted to accommodate children with lower sinks and towels racks. However, your kids won’t be little for long. When you go through the effort and expense of a bathroom remodel, you’ll want it to last for years. Follow the tips below to remodel a bathroom with kids in mind. 

Choose Sink Designs That Work With Step Stools

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You want children to learn to take care of themselves in the bathroom, so you’ll need to help your kids easily reach the sink and towel racks. Installing small-sized sinks will work for a while, but your children will quickly outgrow them. 

Choose bathroom sinks that are suitable for adults instead. Teach your children how to use step stools to reach the sink safely. Also keep a step stool near any high shelves and towels racks, too.

Avoid DIY Bathroom Makeovers

Unless you’re a licensed plumber, you’ll need to hire a professional to remodel your bathroom. You may think you can save money by turning your remodel into a do-it-yourself project. If you’re not experienced, you could spend more money when you need a professional to fix your mistakes and other unforeseen problems with your plumbing.

Professional plumbers can work faster, and they know how to follow building and construction codes. Choosing a quality contractor for your bathroom makeover will also help when something unexpected happens, such as finding a leaky pipe behind a wall. Talk to a few plumbers before you hire one to ensure the person you hire is the right partner for you. Ask prospective plumbers about how they handle bathroom


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