Removing Chemicals From Your Home

Removing Chemicals From Your Home

We live in a scary world. Everything we see is covered with and made from things we can’t even pronounce. Then we wonder why cancer, Autism, ADD/ADHD and other diseases are more and more common. There are studies linking chemicals to all kinds of things, and there are studies showing they are safe. No matter what you believe, you can usually find at least one study to back it up. When it comes to chemicals, I do see a connection with our dying society and a number of chemicals we add to our home.

There are many ways to help remove some of the chemicals from our homes, and the bonus is that you can actually save some money while doing it!

Make your own cleaners

Commercial cleaners are filled with so many chemicals, and cleaning with cleaners you make yourself work just as well, but you don’t have to worry about what you are using. Have you ever read the labels on some of you cleaners? “Use in a well-ventilated area.” That just inspires confidence. We not only breathe in these chemicals, but we absorb through our skin into our bodies.

Homemade cleaners can be just as effective as store-bought ones. Sometimes you may need some elbow grease but if you keep up on your cleaning it is not so bad.

Don’t know how to make your own cleaners? We have some tips!

Dishwasher Soap

All Purpose Cleaners

Cook food from scratch

The more convenience food you eat, the more artificial ingredients you are adding to your diet. Make more food from scratch and avoid all the added sugars, and food dyes. While it might add some time, you will be helping your family stay healthier. There are ways to keep the time to a minimum. Consider freezer cooking, and making bulk convenience foods.

We have some great convenience food recipes too.

If you can save money, and avoid putting more chemicals in your home, then why not? Start small. Every little change is a change in the right direction.



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