Teens and Cell Phones

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This September, I will be sending my two oldest sons to high school. They have been homeschooled up to now, and this is a huge shift for my family. High school is a new world, a scary one for me. While we have chosen a private school near us, this still means they will be away from home for hours a day. They will walk to and from school alone.

When I was their age, I was taking a transit bus across the city already. I knew how to get around because it was a necessity. I lived in a low income, single mother home. My mother did not drive, and if I wanted anything, I needed to do it myself. For my boys, I have strived to give them what they need. We don’t live in a great area, so I drive them around. I have sheltered them a bit I guess, and it is coming to a point that I have to let go. They do ride their bikes and go to parks alone to play baseball with their friends, but the idea of them being gone all day is new to me. It’s even scary! I find my self considering getting them a cell phone.

Up until now, I did not see the need for a child to have a phone. In fact, I even looked down on the idea. Why pay for your kids to have their head down all day playing on their device? Well, have to admit, I am coming around. Technology has come so far. By giving my son a cell phone I will have the ability to check in if they are running late. I can use GPS to get real-time information. They can call me if they need a ride, or if there is a problem. I can even leave them a text if I have to run out and won’t be in when they get home.

Yes, these are all things that seem like luxuries. After all, we didn’t have them growing up, right? Well, we live in a different world now than we did then. Just because we didn’t have it, does that mean our kids don’t benefit? After all, do we NEED our single serve coffee makers? Our parents didn’t have them. Do we NEED our smartwatch, or command start on our vehicles? I know I sure appreciate it, especially on a -30 morning when I am driving my daughter to a specialist appointment.

Technology is constantly making advancements that can not only make life easier but give us security. There are apps that even let a parent control what is accessible on their child’s device! I can rest assured that while they are at school they are not on Facebook or Youtube while they are supposed to be learning.

Technology is something we need to embrace. It really can be a tool, not just a toy. Read more about Blake Rubin, and the tech industry.

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