The Freedom From Outsourcing With Your Own Business

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Every day we wake up to our alarm. I don’t know about you, but in those early moments when I am half asleep, I almost always groan to my self about getting up. If only I could stay in bed. But, there are bills to be paid. The kids need more clothes. And then there is that vacation we want to take. In order to do it all, we have to go earn money somehow. So, we get up. In those weary morning moments, I grab my husband and joke that he should get paid to stay home with me. We can just lie in bed all day, but life doesn’t work that way. If only……..

Most people love the idea of being their own boss. After all, who likes going to work early each day, putting in all those hours, and making money for someone else? Someone else gets to sit there and reap the rewards of our hard work, or so it appears. Wouldn’t it be better to BE the company? Make your own hours, collect all the income?

Who wouldn’t love to work from home when they want with a cup of coffee, and the kids around? Having the freedom to go to all the school events, and take a vacation at that perfect time without booking the time off. To just up and go and know that the company is working for you, not the other way around.

Life always looks greener on the other side, doesn’t it? It sounds easy, but what we don’t see is the hours that go in behind the scenes. We don’t see the hard work that went into starting out, and getting a system in place before the employees come around. We all love the idea of running the show, and it can be a great opportunity if you have an idea. The idea is the key. Having a product to sell, or a service to provide is a great start, but what about everything else?

There is marketing, the social media presence. The finances and taxes, all the paperwork. Once you get big, there is managing that growth. Analyzing market trends, payroll, hiring. It only expands responsibilities. There is time taken up by each task. Everybody is good at something, but you cannot be great at everything. If you spend all your energy trying to do what you do not love or excel at, then your efforts are not rewarding. Why manage your own business if you don’t enjoy it? Then what is the point?

There is an amazing relief that can come from outsourcing. The overhead is theirs. You get to focus on your strengths, and what you love while knowing that the other details are being taken care of by someone with the expertise, tools and staff to handle the rest. It’s all about the tools. Tools can be services that are provided to you. It can be as simple as hiring a virtual assistant or using a data management company.

You can learn more about Profisee hereĀ and see how that outsourcing can give you the freedom to do what you love, and get back some of that dream that pushed you to start off in the beginning.

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