The Tools Make The Job

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Life is expensive. Prices go up, and I swear, things are made to last shorter and cost more every year! What is a family to do? Financial security is something we all want. The question is how do we achieve it? One thing to consider is to start your own business.

Did you know that just over 10% of the working population is self-employed?  This is nearly 14.46 million people. Being self-employed is a dream of so many people, but it is not for everyone. There is a dream people have that working for your self will mean sleeping in, working whatever hours you want, and have money just rolling in. If only it was that easy! While working for your self-does grant freedom,  with that freedom comes all the pressure to make decisions and the risks that come with it. Decisions, decisions, decisions. There are so many.

Any successful business started small once upon a time, usually a dream that was worked and sacrificed for. For me, I have a dream of helping my family live a better life. I want to build something that can help give my children opportunities I never had. Building something worthwhile comes with hard work, and with the right tools. I am a firm believer that the tools can make or break you. This is true in every area of life. An old mop that is worn is not as effective as something in new condition. While the old mop works ok, a new one is more efficient and gives you a better clean.

The same is true in business. Online businesses are a great way to bring in some extra money, but using the wrong tools can have you spinning your wheels for pennies. Take social media. There are customers everywhere. How do you reach them? Do you post on your social channels all day? There are tools that let you schedule your shares at the peak times so you don’t have to drop everything else. I like to take one day and schedule my Twitter shares all at once. Granted, I get busy and don’t utilize my tools the way I should, but that is another story!

Check out self-service analytics and other great ways to simplify your business needs.  When you have the right tools available, you can focus on the things you really need!


  1. As someone who has worked from my home office, I can say with confidence that proper tools are critical for success.

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