Give a Toonie and Fill a Tummy with #Toonies4Tummies

Give a Toonie and Fill a Tummy with

Toonies For Tummies

No one wants to think of hungry children. When we do, we usually think of third world countries and places we can’t see. The poverty we see in our communities is isolated to low-income areas. The children are suffering because of neglectful parents. Well, I am here to tell you that poverty is not always what you think. I grew up in poverty. There were times when we had no food in the cupboards and were waiting for our next meal. Yet we did not live in the “poor” neighbourhoods. We looked like everyone else, but we weren’t. Some days we were hungry, and this affected our education. There are programs out there for children like us, but they need help to reach the growing number of children.

About Toonies For Tummies

The Grocery Foundation is an Ontario-based not-for-profit, representing leaders from Canada’s grocery industry. It was established in 1979 to enrich the lives and wellbeing of children; providing them a hand up so that they can learn and succeed. To date, The Grocery Foundation has raised in excess of $85 million which has gone toward over 250 organizations across the province meeting a number of health and wellness needs including providing nutritious breakfasts and snacks for school-aged students across the province. Since 2000, Toonies for Tummies has raised nearly $15,000,000.

The Need In The Western Provinces

This is the first year that Toonies For Tummies is in Western Canada partnering with the Breakfast Clubs Of Canada and Save On Foods. In Manitoba, there are 41 Breakfast Clubs feeding 6,920 kids daily. That is 1,141,800 breakfasts per year. Over 1 million tummies that are filled. 1 million times a child was able to focus more at school. 1 million times, it is more than I ever imagined, yet this is only once province. The need is growing. There are still 27 Manitoba Breakfast clubs on the waiting list. There is a need and we are able to help fill it. With just a toonie.

I am happy to be a part of this effort. The future of our country is the generation in schools right now. The brightest future we have comes from their minds. Our goal is to raise $850,000 in-store and online

When you donate a toonie at one of the over 500 stores participating, you receive a coupon book, and 100% of donations stay in the community. This means when you give you are investing in your community and helping someone near you. Please get involved. It is the cost of a cup of coffee. Just a toonie can feed a tummy.

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