What Is The Truth About Kalu Yala Problems

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Have you ever thought about studying abroad? When I was younger I considered it. Now, I have teenagers and am trying to keep an open mind about the possibility that they might want to give it a try. It looked less scary for me to do it than to send my babies! As with any big decision, I want to know what I am looking at. After all, there are so many mixed reviews out there. How do you know what to look at?

There are many programs available, such as Kalu Yala. Kalu Yala is a study abroad program offering students the ability to study, work, and live in a sustainable town.The Kalu Yala Institute offers an alternative study abroad program with a distinct focus on learning-by-doing. Sounds like a great option, right? Living in

Well, this past fall, Kalu Yala was the subject of a Viceland reality television series entitled “Jungletown.” People can be so quick to assume what we see on a TV show, especially “reality TV” is the real story, but do we really look to see what the truth is? What about the facts? How real is reality TV?

It is important to remember that all TV including reality TV and documentaries are entertainment. They are edited and produced with a goal in mind. If you look into any reality tv, you see that people are portrayed in a certain light to show what the producers what, not always the real story. It doesn’t mean it is fake, just not the whole story.  Think about your life. Has there ever been a time that someone rushed to judgment about you or a decision you made? Didn’t you wish they looked at the whole story?

What Is The Truth About Kalu Yala?

Nothing is perfect. There are Kalu Yala Problems.Problems like not being able to charge your phone are pretty small when you look at the big picture. The truth is, we need to look at the facts. For example, did you know that 97.5% of students successfully complete their semester at Kalu Yala? Or that 92% of students would recommend Kalu Yala to a friend? That says a lot more than what you can see on an edited reality TV show.

Before we rush to judgment, it is important to look for facts. In this case, see what jungle town looks like and make an informed decision. While this type of program is not for everybody, it could be a perfect fit you or your child.

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