All I Want For Christmas

It has been a little while since I posted a Little C update, and there is a lot going on!

The biggest news is we may finally have a partial diagnosis on the speech side of the disability. After a switch in speech therapists, we may be looking at Apraxia. Apraxia is a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently. It is not due to weakness or paralysis of the speech muscles (the muscles of the face, tongue, and lips). This is both good news and bad news to us. The good news is we have a place to start from, some answers, and some hope.

The bad news is we have a long road ahead of us. This long road also means that homeschooling Little C will not be an option at this time. This is the heart breaker. I am home schooling my 4 boys, and to put 1 child in school while keeping 4 at home is a hard decision. It is necessary. In our province, therapy is only offered publicly until school entry. After that therapy is offered through the private sector, or through the school system. With the long road of speech ahead of us, we are needing to continue speech therapy as long as possible.

On a good note, we are much closer to seeing Little C walking. She can now walk confidently while holding a walking toy, or someones hand! She is also crawling up and down the stairs!



So, all I want for Christmas this year, is to watch Little C take independent steps. That’s right, that is all. Oh, and I guarantee I will cry.

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