Why Following The Rules Is Important For Kids

The Importance Of Following Rules

We have all seen those kids at the play ground who don’t follow the rules. We have all groaned before at a child or children who play too rough, or make an experience stressful for younger kids. The question is, why? Where are the parents? Sadly, this is often something that a parent teaches a child with out even realizing it.

Recently, I was at an indoor play structure with my children. The rules are clearly stated. Socks must be worn, kids 12 and under only. The same rules that are most places. Yet, every day, I see children barefoot. I see children with out their parents watching. This day, I actually saw a mother telling her children that the staff member was “Just being fussy about the rules.” This mother expected her children to be exempt from the rules rather than bringing socks for her children. Socks are even available for purchase, but no, the rules shouldn’t apply to her children.

This really got me thinking about the way children act in public these days. We see moms struggling to control their kids, and wonder why they don’t listen. What so many of us forget is we are always teaching them. If we expect them to ignore rules out of the home that we don’t like, why should they obey the rules their given at school or by parents if they don’t like them? Which rules HAVE to be followed then?

Why is it important to follow the rules? 

It Teaches Respect For Authority

If a child is expected to respect a rule once, they are more likely to respect the authority making the rules. We all have authorities we answer too. We have to respect them even if we disagree. Can you choose which regulations to follow when driving? At work? We are teaching our children that the rules don’t apply when we don’t like them, and wonder why the don’t respect their teachers, parents or grandparents. An early respect for authority makes life so much easier.

It Teaches About Authority

Learning that authority comes in many forms is a great early lesson. Children need to listen to the adult in charge at all times. Even if they disagree. If you ask them to pick up their toys, should they listen? Why? Because you are their authority. If a police officer asks them a question, shouldn’t they answer? How about if their teacher asks them to complete a task?

It Teaches Self Control

Admit it. there are times when no one is around, and you are in a hurry that you are tempted to blow through a stop sign or traffic light. Do you? Typically we have the self control not too. Self control is a vital skill, and learning it early saves head aches later. We expect or teens to have the self control to not drink, or do drugs. When are they supposed to learn it? It is our job to teach it to them.

We need to remember that we are raising the next generation. This is an important job. We need to be the best example possible for our children if we want them to be a success. How can they succeed if we don’t give them the tools?

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