Why I Window Shop For My Next Vehicle In Advance

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I am a busy mom of 5 kids. My husband works out of town some times, leaving me to take care of everything for up to 3 weeks at a time. This means I need a vehicle I can depend on. My daughter has therapy appointments, and frequent check ups to stay on top of her development. I do not have time to deal with car troubles. Especially while my husband is out of town. Despite all our efforts to keep on top of our maintenance, this is exactly what happened. My alternator went on my mini van while my husband was away. Thankfully, my kids were not with me at the time. It was not an expensive fix, but it was my worse fear, dealing with it all while my hubby was away.

A few months later, we took our mini van into the shop when the power steering stopped working. While it was being looked at, they found that tons of other problems that affected the safety of the van. We were looking at a minimum $2000 repair bill plus we knew that there was about $2000 of other minor repairs we needed in the next year. We knew it was time to find me something more reliable. Now we had no vehicle, and needed one fast! Like I said, I do not have time for this! Thankfully, we had done our homework and knew what we wanted in our next vehicle.

The Hunting Process

A situation like mine puts you under pressure. It’s like grocery shopping while you are hungry. You are likely making impulsive choices that you will regret. You run the risk of over paying, of not getting the features you need. Sales people have a reputation of taking advantage for a reason! We have seen it happen before and did the best thing we could to prepare for this purchase. My husband and I shopped before we were ready to buy our next vehicle. We did lots of homework. Reading reviews online, looking at safety ratings and resale prices. We were essentially window shopping for our next mini van.

The best information we got was visiting multiple dealerships and looking online. Cars.com is a great resource! Cars.com lets you look for both new and used vehicles. There is no sugar coating on the reviews. You are actually able to see what people really think, not only what the sales people want you to see. There is also a Car Finance Calculator, so you can figure out what you are looking at for payments.

For us, this was a lifesaver. When we went into one dealership, and before we knew what was happening, we were being pressured to over pay on a vehicle we didn’t want and had an offer to purchase in front of us to sign! Knowledge is power. We looked at the price and said no, we can do better. We walked away. Do your homework before you even step foot in the dealership. Know what you want, and what price you want.

Now we have a dependable van that I love. I feel good about the purchase, and know that we will be happy for years to come.




  1. Yes, it is necessary to do a little bit of research before booking any vehicle. Thanks for your insightful information. I always keep my eyes open while choosing any dealership.

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